What else takes up my time?

A list of projects I am equally as passionate about

Log of interesting challenges:

  • July/22 - Podcast "Alimentação Saudável", through Reboot

Episode here

  • June/22 - Panel "Towards a Resilient Planet", EcoTeens Global Youth Sustainability Summit

Recording here

  • April/22 - Youth Dialogues with the European Commission's Executive Vice-President Timmermans, about Sustainable Production (Brussels, BE)

European Climate Pact Ambassador Profile here, recording of dialogue here

  • April/22 - Moderated event "Sustento: quais os desafios de um futuro faminto?" with Reboot, about food waste, at Ovibeja (Beja, PT)

Event promoted here, recording here

  • March/22 - Curated and prepared event "Scroll, Click, What?!" with Reboot, about social responsibility and following on social media, at ETHL (Lisboa, PT)

Event promoted here

  • March/22 - Completed Circular Economy online course (MOOC)

Certificate here

  • December/21 - Curated event Circular 2021, the biggest sustainability event of the year, with Reboot (Lisboa, PT)

See more here

  • September/21 - Bora is officially made public, with on-school visits.

  • June/21 - Curated and moderated event "No fim do arco-íris", about LGBTQIA+ activism, with Reboot (online)

Event promoted here

  • May/21 - I become an European Climate Pact Ambassador

My profile is here