Published Thoughts

(In the banner image, a picture taken while studying at Tsinghua University, in Beijing. I strongly advise taking a camping trip to a more remote part of the Great Wall.)

I am an avid reader. I also like to put thoughts on (digital) paper. As such, I have made a series of voluntary contributions of short essays to several newspapers or magazines. 

Find a list of the published work (mostly in portuguese):

16-Mar-2022 (PT) - Colonialismo Geracional (P3, Público) Generational Colonialism 

21-Dec-2021 (PT) - Aquele meme do cão numa casa a arder (P3, Público) That meme of a dog in a house on fire

03-Aug-2021 (PT) - Quem guarda as chaves dos portões da Ciência? (Observador) Who is the gatekeeper of Science?

12-Jul-2021 (PT) - Anosognosia, ou o luxo dos grandes (P3, Público) Anosognosia, or the luxury of the Greats

10-Mar-2021 (PT) - Curadoria Virtual - Identidade sem continuidade (Crónico) Virtual curation - Identity without continuity

11-Feb-2021 (PT) -  "A(wo)men" (Shifter) 

02-Feb-2021 (PT) - A escassez (promovida) da Excelência (published in Crónico and Diferencial, IST) The (promoted) scarcity of Excelence

12-Dec-2020 (PT) - Juventude, alicerces de vidro (Shifter) The foundations of Youth are made of glass

05-Nov-2020 (PT) - Então sobreviveste a uma pandemia? Eis outras formas de eliminar a Humanidade (Diferencial, IST) So you survived a pandemic? Here's other ways to eliminate Humankind

20-Aug-2020 (PT) - O Homem e o Resto (Shifter) The Man and the Rest

14-May-2020 (PT) - Não, Karen, não podes ir ao cabeleireiro (Diferencial, IST) No, Karen, you cannot go to the hairdresser

06-May-2020 (PT) - A Ciência e os papéis de divórcio por assinar (Diferencial, IST)  Science and the unsigned divorce papers